Maoly Project

Throwaway garments contribute more to climate change than air and sea travel.” (TheGuardian)
Fashion shoppers spent about £3.5bn on Christmas party clothing this year – but 8 million of those sparkly items will be on their way to landfill after just one wear.” (TheGuardian)
There’s water consumption. 2 billion pairs of jeans are produced every year, and a typical pair takes 7,000 litres of water to produce. For a t-shirt, it takes 2,700 litres of water to make just one – that’s the amount of water an average person drinks over the course of 900 days” (Greenpeace)

There’s the dyeing process of which 1.7 million tonnes of various chemicals are used; not to mention the hazardous chemicals like PFCs that leave a permanent impact on our environment.” (Greenpeace)

95% of discarded clothing can be upcycled or recycled. As legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood says: ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.’ (Greenpeace)
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